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Blue Sea Dragon and Blue Button

Table of contents
  • Context (WION): Two venomous marine organisms usually found in the deep sea, blue sea dragons and blue button, were spotted at Chennai’s shoreline.
  • They can cause skin irritation.
  • They are brought ashore by Cyclone Michaung.
  • Cyclone Michaung: It is a super-cyclonic storm that has made landfall at Nellore in Andhra Pradesh. This tropical cyclone over the Bay of Bengal was named Michaung by Myanmar.

Blue Sea Dragons

  • Sea slugs are shell-less molluscs that come in various colours and shapes.
  • Blue sea dragons are a type of sea slug.
  • They are often spotted in groups, creating formations known as ‘blue fleets.

Blue Buttons

  • Blue buttons get their name from their button-like shape.
  • They are not a single organism, even if they appear so.
  • They are a colony of small predators called hydroids.
  • They are often confused with jellyfish, which are closely related to them.

Blue Buttons

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