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  • Context (IE): Building of Digital Twins’ of Indian cities is being suggested to solve the urban crisis.
  • A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical object, process, service, or environment.
  • It is a real-time simulation of the object or system.
  • It can be used to predict physical objects’ performance and identify potential problems to optimize its operation.
  • Digital twins are created using sensors, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Digital Twins of Cities

  • Digital twins of cities replicate urban areas, using data on roads, power, streetlights, water, sewage, and storm drains.
  • Benefits of digital twins of cities are:
    • Improve urban planning: E.g., traffic flow, air quality, and energy consumption.
    • Efficient infrastructure management
    • Reduced environmental impact
    • Enhanced public services: E.g., healthcare, education, and transportation
    • Disaster preparedness
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