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Euvichol-S | Cholera

  • Context (FE): WHO prequalifies new oral vaccine for cholera, Euvichol-S.
  • The new vaccine is the third product of the same family of vaccines for cholera in the WHO prequalification list, Euvichol and Euvichol-Plus.
  • Euvichol-S is a simplified formulation of the oral cholera vaccine (OCV) Euvichol-Plus.
  • The vaccine is manufactured by South Korea-based EuBiologics Co., Ltd. (EuBiologics is the largest supplier of oral cholera vaccine in the world, representing more than 80% market share).


  • Cholera is an acute, diarrheal illness caused by infection of the intestine with the toxigenic bacterium Vibrio cholerae.
  • The cholera bacterium is usually found in water or in foods that have been contaminated by feces from a person infected with cholera bacteria.
  • Spread: It is most likely to occur and spread in places with inadequate water treatment, poor sanitation, and inadequate hygiene.
  • Symptoms: Rapid heart rate, loss of skin elasticity (the ability to return to original position quickly if pinched), dry mucous membranes, low blood pressure, thirst, muscle cramps.

Cholera - PMF IAS

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