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PMF IAS Geography: Physical, Indian, World & Economic Geography

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Update on PMF IAS Indian, Economic & World Geography Mapping

  • The Hardcopy of PMF IAS Indian Geography, Economic Geography (Mineral Distribution and Industrial Locational Factors) and Basics of Human Geography (from NCERTs) will be available in February 4th week.
  • Allocate 15 days for this book starting February 25th
  • The Printing Begins around the 7th of February. We have already paid for the paper and the printing.
  • We STRONGLY suggest the aspirants continue with the 2022 Physical Geography+ Free 2019 edition + Free PMF IAS current affairs.


Update on PMF IAS Physical Geography

PMF IAS Physical Geography

PMF IAS Physical Geography

PMF IAS Physical Geography is a one of it’s kind! With numerous colourful diagrams and maps, the book makes the concepts come alive!

PMF IAS Physical Geography PDF is available on the Geography Downloads page

PMF IAS Physical Geography Hardcopy is available on Amazon, Flipkart & JioMart

    1. The Universe and the Solar System (minor topic)
    2. Evolution of the Surface of the Earth (minor topic)
    3. Geomorphology (major topic)
    4. Climatology (major topic)
    5. Oceanography (major topic)

Environmental Geography and Biogeography will not be a part of this book since it is already covered in PMF IAS Environment.


How is the new edition different from the old edition?

  • Not much in terms of content. The content will 90% remain the same. We will be adding more images and some really good maps.
  • The major difference will be that, we will be clearly pointing out focus and non-focus areas for the exam. The non-focus topics will be moved to the “Additional Reading” section.

How will the new edition be better?

  • We will be using colour coding extensively to make it easier to identify the focus and non-focus areas. (A lot of readers have given their feedback after we launched the PMF IAS Environment. We will be making the necessary changes to make sure the colour coding is better in Geography).
  • The new edition is going to have better images and maps.
  • The new edition won’t seem bulky since we will be clearly demarcating the focus and non-focus areas for the exam.

Can I continue with the old edition?

  • We advise the aspirants to continue with the old edition. Waiting for the new edition will put you in time trouble.
  • 9/9 Geography Questions from UPSC Prelims 2021 were easily manageable using the old edition. The Old is already good, the new will be relatively better.
Rs. 299
Rs. 399
in stock
4 new from Rs. 299
as of June 16, 2024 10:47 PM
Rs. 420
Rs. 499
in stock
5 new from Rs. 420
as of June 16, 2024 10:47 PM
Rs. 394
Rs. 500
in stock
3 new from Rs. 394
as of June 16, 2024 10:47 PM
Last updated on June 16, 2024 10:47 PM
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  1. I am Time. Since the creation of universe, it’s happening for the first time that PMF IAS has made fun of me.
    Aspirants were told to wait for February, March, April, May, June, July, August,…..doom day. With their complaint, aspirants went to Mata Saraswati Ji. She ordered me to setup a tribunal to settle this case. Now, i am here to ask PMF IAS- “What the fuck are you doing since past 6 months?” A whole new book could have been written in 6 months.
    If your deadline goes beyond June, our whole telegram group members (12 upsc groups- 30k members) will give poor rating to PMF books on Flipkart & Amazon. Never forget that aspirants have given you name, fame & money. Don’t play with their upsc preparation timeline. Don’t break the ladder after reaching to the top, else you will fall down. You can’t imagine how distressed aspirants are due to your extension of more than 6 months.

    Shame on you PMF IAS. Ask sorry from all those waiting for your book. And yes, once your deadline goes beyond June, trust me aspirants can make or break any institution.

  2. Please PMFIAS don’t play with us. Please release economic geography part 3 ; so that we can continue with our preparation. Please do mind on this.

  3. I have waited for Geography books for 4 consecutive months. Its so sad to have delayed till today. During this time , a whole new book can be published. What is the issue? You have already 80% of the content from the online book.

    • On page no 15 ,sunspot ……line no 5 I think it should be ….the surrounding photosphere instead of surrounding

  4. It’s 21st June, but no update when geography book will be released. Make sure the date for everyone

  5. So, now the date has been shifted to mid-august. Doing a mistake, once or twice is acceptable, but when you repeat it, that mistake is called as habit. PMFIAS, you have disappointed us to a length, that now I have decided, that I will not be taking your notes, and will never recommended it to anyone. If you were not sure of date, you should never have shared any tentative dates, from march to now august. It was good feedback from the loyal users that created your name, and we are thankful for the quality content, but you have betrayed us. Now you may come up with, even the best content, nobody cares. This is one of the worst management I have seen in a while. Sorry for the harsh words, but if you like receiving good feedback, then you must also remain open for criticism too. And this time, every limit has been crossed by you.

    • And now August, just keep it pending till next year.Or just cancelled, the Study iq are producing an excellent material now already. I doubt that it will be very hard for you to access the market now.

  6. I am Karma. I’m the Wheel which comes full circle. Thoughout the ages of Time, I’ve been known for my Wrath. For the first case ever in my Directory, PMF Manju T. has become only such Homo sapiens who earned a +100% only to lose it to a -100X100% . What the hell, Homie ! My Special Investigation Report under Mr. Time, reveals that you’ve disrespected Time by wasting it in OnlyFans. So now you’re gonna “lose Your Fans”. That’s Karma, that’s Me ! Disrespecting time leads to failure in UPSC CSE. I ain’t gonna let that happen. Mr. Time has already judged ur Crime. So, I, Mr. Karma is gonna bring Justice.

  7. Hello,
    I’m looking for pmf IAS geography book. Right now I have photocopy but some images are not shown clearly in black and white print. That’s why I want a color copy of that book. On Amazon or Flipkart there is not showing your book reference. Could you please tell me what will be the issue? I want this book at Karol Bagh address. Please help me out. Thank you

  8. Pmf IAS is cheater they just lure for pdf of first enviornment now geography to subscribers. To get new subscriber
    It is better to buy study IQ for geography and Shankar ias for enviornment.

  9. book bna rahe ho ya nuclear bomb. iss se jaldi to hamare scientists ne nuclear bomb bnaa lia thha. tumse ek book nahi bani. promised in january ab mid-august.

  10. Sir I want to purchase PMF IAS ENVIRONMENT book for UPSC 2023 attempt but 2nd edition is not available

    Can i get the updates for the 2nd edition in pdf if i buy 1st edition now

  11. Hi PMF, could you please release the geography book soon. we are in dire need of good and easy content of yours.

  12. Is there any tentative date ?
    If yes then pls post in these website so that student can manage their study accordingly.
    Eagerly waiting for geography book!!!!

  13. You mentioned it will be published in Mid-August. Todays its 8th August… Atleast tell the date now just 7 days left for mid-august.

  14. Dear Students,
    We are feeling extremely sorry to announce that our geography book will not be released. Please use our PDFs.
    For those who want to study from a book, please buy “Study IQ Geography Book” from Flipkart. It is same as PMF Geography book.

    Really sorry to disappoint you all since last 6 months. Good luck.

    • I didnt watch my Geography classes of my gs coaching b/c they were not good, b/c I thought I would cover it from your book, now you come UP with this, if possible Kindly Launch the book. I am feeling helpless, I can’t trust any other source, please publish the book if possible, and give a date, why it is not published

    • Please release immediately book of physical geography.. beacuse various state PSC and upsc near about beacuse upsc 2023 prelims only for 8 months remaining

  15. Is the release Cancelled or the date is Cancelled, b/c I have to give attempt in 2023 so I can wait

  16. Sir, the end of August came but still no update from your side. Last updated on 15 August. Please tell whether it will be published or not. And when?

  17. And today is the last day of August and yet another prank successfully performed by our beloved poor man’s friend (PMF) on its poor students.

    Very Very congratulations for making the fun of innocent students yet another time… We are ready for your next lie… What is the next date 15 sept. We are ready to get pranked again.
    Very disappointing…

  18. Already september 1 ? atleast the pdf will get release ? do update on timely basis sir. we are waiting long for the material

  19. Physical-Geography-First-Edition.
    Every page is packed with colourful pictures and illustrations, all fully explained with clear notes

    thank you,
    manjunath ji

  20. Bhai kab nikaloge jab book jab majboori mein kisi or source se karlenge ya to news hi nhi deni thi ke release karenge ya fr purani use karne ko kyu bol rhe ho “sometime before prelims” likh ke chhod diya purani book kyu le jise pta hai nyi aani hai vo fr 2 baar pese kharche 1 din phele kroge kya pre se book release

  21. Please release Second part of Pmf Ias geography book as soon as possible. We are waiting for its release so that we can buy the complete geography package for UPSC.

  22. Hi team pmf ias
    Please inform me when the new book of economic and Indian geography be available to us as prelims 2023 now, has gone with the winds , ab toe jaldi karo yaar….

  23. Please inform me when the new book of economic and Indian geography be available to us as prelims 2023 now, has gone with the winds , ab toe jaldi karo yaar….

  24. When when when? It’s not fair even after mentioning the date for the release of Indian geography it’s not out for sale, please hurry

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