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Jharkhand National Parks, Tiger Reserves, Wildlife Sanctuaries & Ramsar Sites

Betla NP

  • It is located on the Chota Nagpur Plateau. North Koel River (a tributary of Son River) flows through the park.
  • Belta National Park = Palamu Tiger Reserve + Mahuadanr Wolf Sanctuary
  • Vegetation: Bamboo and sal forests.
  • Major Fauna: Elephants, Bengal tiger, sloth bear, gaur, chital, sambhar, nilgai, mouse deer, rhesus monkeys, Indian giant squirrels, sambhar deer, chausingha.
  • Major Avifauna: Hornbill, black ibis, quail.

Palamu Tiger Reserve

  • It is one of the nine original Tiger Reserves in India.
  • It forms part of Betla National Park and Palamu Wildlife Sanctuary. North Koel River runs through the reserve.
  • Major Fauna: Tigers, elephants, leopards, gaurs, sambars.

Wildlife Sanctuaries of Jharkhand

Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary

  • It is an important elephant corridor in the Dalma Hills.

Gautam Budha Wildlife Sanctuary

  • It is located in Bihar and Jharkhand.
  • It covers the Lower Gangetic Plains (moist deciduous forests) and Chota Nagpur (dry deciduous forests).

Mahuadanr Wolf Wildlife Sanctuary

  • It is located along the Jharkhand-Chhattisgarh border.
  • It is a breeding ground for Indian Wolf.

Palkot Wildlife Sanctuary

  • It is contiguous with the Koel River Valley forests, Saranda-Singhbhum Range forests and Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary.

Parasnath Wildlife Sanctuary

  • It is situated in Parasnath Hills (Chota Nagpur Plateau).

Udhwa Lake Bird Wildlife Sanctuary

  • It is the only Bird Sanctuary of Jharkhand state.
  • It comprises two backwater lakes over Ganga River.


  • Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary: Located to north of Ranchi.
  • Kodarma Wildlife Sanctuary: It is adjacent to Gautam Budha Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Lawalong Wildlife Sanctuary: It is contiguous with Gautam Budha Wildlife Sanctuary and Kodarma Wildlife Sanctuary along the Bihar-Jharkhand border.
  • Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary: It is adjacent to the Parasnath Wildlife Sanctuary.
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