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Seventeen Products received GI Tag

  • Geographical Indication (GI) is a name or sign used on certain products corresponding to a specific geographical location or origin. It is a type of Intellectual Property Right (IPR).
  • It is protected by the WTO’s Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of IPRS (TRIPS) and the Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement on Appellations of Origin and Geographical Indications.
  • Countries have their own frameworks for registering and protecting GI tags.

GI Tag in India

  • India, as a World Trade Organization (WTO) member, enacted the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act,1999.
  • It is a part of the IPR under the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property.
  • Darjeeling tea became the first GI-tagged product in India in 2004–2005.


  • The Geographical Indication Registry (Chennai) issues these tags under the Department of Industry Promotion and Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  • GIs can be registered for various products, including agricultural products, food products, handicrafts, and manufactured goods.
  • GI Tag is valid for ten years and can be renewed.

Products that bagged GI tag

Products from Odisha

Products Specifications
Kapdaganda shawl

Odisha State Tribal Museum | Kapdaganda

  • It is a handwoven and embroidered shawl made by the Dongria Kondh tribe of Odisha.
  • Embroidered on an off-white coarse cloth with red, yellow and green coloured threads where each colour with its own significance.
  • The motifs in the shawls are mostly lines and triangles, believed to be a reflection of the importance of mountains for the community.
  • The shawl is worn by both men and women.
Lanjia Saura Painting

  • Also known as Idital, are a form of tribal art from practiced by Lanjia Saura community in Odisha.
  • These paintings are in the form of exterior murals painted on the mud walls of homes.
  • White paintings figure over a crimson-maroon background.
A mural is any piece of graphic artwork that is painted or applied directly to a wall, ceiling or other permanent substrate.
Similipal Kai chutney

Ant Chutney seeks GI Tag

  • The chutney is made with red weaver ants, found in the forests of Mayurbhanj & Similipal forests.
  • It is a good source of nutrients like protein, calcium, zinc, vitamin B-12, iron, magnesium, potassium, etc.
Nayagarh Kanteimundi Brinjal

Kanteimundi brinjal of Odisha's Nayagarh district gets GI tag

  • It is a hardy vegetable that can survive long dry spells without rain and is grown throughout the year.
  • It is known for its prickly thorns on the stems and the whole plant.
  • Unlike most brinjals, it is round in shape with green skin and lots of seeds.
  • It is famous for its unique taste and relatively short quick cooking time.
Khajuri Guda

OPELIP on X: "Preparation of Khajuri Guda at Dhimiripankal PVTG village with technical support of Odisha Rajya Talaguda Society, BBSR and financial assistance of SDA, Chandragiri, OPELIP, Dist- Gajapati, Odisha @IFAD @stscdev @

  • It is a natural sweetener obtained from date palm trees.
  • Traditionally, the jaggery is prepared in a trapezoidal form called ‘Patali Gur’ and is organic by nature.
  • It is dark brown in colour.
Dhenkanal Magji

Magji Laddu of Dhenkanal gets GI tagThe famous 'Magji Laddu' of Dhenkanal has received the Geographical Indication (GI) tag on Tuesday. - Interview Times

  • It is a laddoo-shaped sweet of Dhenkanal district.
  • It is made of buffalo milk cheese.
Koraput Kala Jeera Rice

कोरापुट कालाजीरा राइस को मिला GI Tag, खासियत जानें! - Koraput kalajeera rice gets gi tag know its specialty

  • Also known as the ‘Prince of Rice’, is famous for its aroma, taste, texture and nutritional value.
  • As the rice grains resemble cumin seeds, it is also called Kala Jeera.
  • It helps in increasing haemoglobin levels and improves metabolism in the body.

Products from Gujarat

Products Specifications
Kachchhi Kharek

Redd dates//kharek - Fruit And Vegetable Store

  • Known for their natural sweetness and rich, caramel-like flavour, they are dates grown in Kutch, Gujarat.
  • They have a soft and chewy texture.

Products from Jammu and Kashmir

Products Specifications
Ramban Anardana

Deputy Commissioner, Ramban on X: "UPDATE - In the first phase, District-level Export Promotion Committee today picked Honey, Sundried Anardana/ Dry Rind, Rajmash & Olive Rootstock as the potential export products from

  • Referred to as ‘Dhruni’, is an important fruit tree growing wild in hilly tracts and forests of J&K.
  • The pomegranate is a fruit-bearing deciduous shrub whose fruits are harvested for its fleshy seeds, which are sundried to make ‘anardana’.
  • It is widely used for making Ayurvedic medicines.

Products from Arunachal Pradesh

Products Specifications
Adi Kekir

Arunachal's Adi Kekir Receives GI Tag Along With Two Other Items

  • It is a variety of ginger produced in the East Siang, Siang and Upper Siang districts of Arunachal Pradesh.
  • It is known for its taste and size.
Handmade carpets

Tibetan Carpet (9X6 sq. ft.) – Miao Craft

  • These are made by Tibetan refugees who live in various parts of the state.
  • They are known for their typical designs, motifs & textures.
Wancho Wooden crafts

Wood Carving Statue at Latest Price in Itanagar - Manufacturer,Supplier,Arunachal Pradesh

  • The craft features tobacco pipes with head-shaped bowls and drinking mugs showing warriors.
Wancho are tribal people inhabiting the Patkai hills of Longding District, Arunachal Pradesh.

Products from West Bengal

Products Specifications
Tangail Saree

Handwoven Tangail Saree – BONGONIKETAN

  • The weavers of these sarees are mainly from the Basak community.
  • They are hand woven on cotton and silk with hand-worked buti, floral design and contemporary motifs.
Garad Saree

Off White Garad Silk Saree with Green Border – ShopBollyWear.Com

  • They are woven with mulberry silk whose yarns are not dyed in colours.
  • They are characterized by a plain white or off-white body, an unornamental coloured border & striped pallav.
Korial saree

  • It is basically a pure white saree with deep red border.
  • It is a symbol of purity and is made from white or off-white, undyed silk yarns.
Kalonunia Rice

Kolkata chefs and restauranteurs are adding Bengali rice varieties in modern European cuisines

  • Also known as scented rice, ‘prince of Rice’, it is a black husked non-basmati rice of the Terai region.
Sundarbans Honey
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