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  • Context (PIB): The Chief of the Naval Staff inaugurated one major Pier and Residential Accommodation at Naval Base Karwar, Karnataka on April 9, 24.
  • The Pier is 350m long and capable of berthing OPVs, large survey vessels, and mine countermeasure vessels.
  • The pier would also provide various shore-based services, such as electrical power, potable water, chilled water for air conditioning, a 30-ton mobile crane, and other domestic services for the ships.
  • These infrastructure developments are part of ongoing Phase IIA of Project Seabird.


  • It is a platform built out from the shore into the water and supported by pillars that provide access to ships and boats.

    New pier and other infrastructure inaugurated at strategic Karwar naval base


Project Seabird

  • It involves the creation of a naval base, INS Kadamba, at Karwar on the west coast of India.
  • INS Kadamba is currently the third-largest Indian naval base and is expected to become the largest naval base in the eastern hemisphere after Phase IIB is completed.
  • Need: After the Indo-Pak War of 1971, India realized that the Indian Navy required an extra naval base. Mumbai Harbour was experiencing congestion, resulting in security concerns for its Western Fleet.
  • Phase I: concluded in 2011, accommodated 10 ships and included various facilities such as a pier, ship lift, repair yard, and storage.
  • Phase IIA:
    • It includes berthing facilities for 32 ships and submarines, along with a 23-yard craft.
    • It will provide over 6 kilometres of berthing space, technical facilities, and support utilities.
    • The centrepiece of Phase IIA is a covered dry berth capable of docking and maintaining up to four capital ships simultaneously.
    • Four townships with residential accommodations for officers, sailors, and civilian staff will be constructed.
  • Additionally, a naval air station with a 2,700-meter runway and civil enclave will be built to support naval and commercial aviation.
  • INS Vajrakosh is a Naval Station located close to INS Kadamba.
  • INS Jatayu is India’s new Naval Base in Lakshadweep.
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