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  • This project was planned to interlink Parbati-Kalisindh-Chambal (PKC).
  • The 1991 report proposed the diversion of water from river Newaj (a tributary of Kalisindh) and Kalisindh to the river Chambal.

Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project (ERCP)

  • It is aimed at the intra-basin transfer of water within the Chambal basin.
  • It utilises surplus monsoon water available in Kalisindh, Parvati, Mej and Chakan subbasins and diverts it into water deficit sub-basins of Banas, Gambhiri, Banganga and Parbati.
  • It will provide drinking & industrial water to 13 districts of eastern Rajasthan, i.e. Alwar, Bharatpur, Dholpur, Karauli, Sawai-Madhopur, Dausa, Jaipur, Ajmer, Tonk, Bundi, Kota, Baran, and Jhalawar.
  • This will also benefit the Malwa and Chambal regions of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Rajasthan has only 1.16% of India’s surface water and 1.72% of groundwater, with only the Chambal River basin having surplus water.
  • It will cover 23.67 % of the area of Rajasthan along with 41.13 % of the population of the state.

Dependable Yield Issue

  • Dependable yield means the maintainability of water supply from the source.
  • Norms mandate inter-state river projects to have at least 75% dependable yield.
  • However, before modification, the dependable yield was 50%.
  • Modified PKC link, along with components of ERCP, have attained the divertible water available at 75 per cent dependability.

Chambal River

  • Source: Vindhya range, Janapav near Mhow (M.P.)
  • States: Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh
  • Left bank tributaries: Banas, Mej
  • Right bank tributaries: Parbati, Kali Sindh, Shipra rivers
  • Dams: Gandhi Sagar dam (M.P.), Rana Pratap Sagar dam (Rajasthan), Jawahar Sagar Dam (Rajasthan)
  • The National Chambal Sanctuary for Gharial is also situated in the Chambal basin.
  • Ends as the confluence of five rivers, including the Chambal, Kwari, Yamuna, Sind, and Pahuj, at Pachnada near Bhareh (Uttar Pradesh).

Chambal River

Kalisindh river

  • Source: Vindhya Range near Bagli, Dewas (Madhya Pradesh).
  • Merges with Chambal in Kota (Rajasthan).

Parbati river

  • Source: Vindhya range, Sehore (Madhya Pradesh).
  • Merges with Chambal at Sawai Madhopur (Rajasthan).
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