PMF IAS Test Series for UPSC Prelims Banner Ad
PMF IAS Test Series for UPSC Prelims Banner Ad
  • Context (NDTV): Mount Erebus, Antarctica‘s highest active volcano, spews approximately 80 grams of crystallised gold each day.
  • It is located on Ross Island and named after the “HMS Erebus”. HMS Erebus was the name of the ship of Captain James Clark Ross, who discovered the area in 1841.
  • Mount Erebus is thought to be the southernmost active volcano in the world.

Ross Island - PMF IAS

  • The volcano sits above a thin slice of crust, so molten rock more easily rises from Earth’s interior.
  • It regularly emits plumes of gas and steam and occasionally spits out rock (bombs).
  • Gold deposits of volcanic origin are spat out as gold dust as far as 621 miles.
  • At least one lava lake has churned within its caldera since 1972. It is also famous for its “lava lake” at one of its craters, “where molten material is present at the surface“.
  • The largest Antarctic settlementMcMurdo Station, operated by the United States – is located about 25 south of Mount Erebus within sight of the volcano.


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