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Bio-Imaging Bank Project

  • Context (IE): Tata Memorial Hospital is creating a bio-imaging bank to aid in cancer diagnosis.
  • It is significant as Cancer cases are expected to double to over 26 lakhs in the next decade.

Bio-Imaging Bank

  • The Department of Biotechnology funds the multi-institutional project in collaboration with IIT-Bombay, RGCIRC-New Delhi, AIIMS-New Delhi, and PGIMER-Chandigarh.
  • It is a repository of radiology and pathology images intricately linked with clinical information, outcome data, treatment specifics, and additional metadata of cancer patients.
  • This data will be analysed through Radiomics to create AI algorithms using deep learning.
  • Radiomics extracts information from medical scans not easily discerned by the human eye.


Functioning and Advantages

  • AI algorithms will analyse radiological and pathological images to diagnose Cancer.
  • It will also address medically relevant tasks, including biomarkers and therapy response prediction.
  • Prediction algorithms will help predict prognosis (Impact potential of tumour) from images.
  • Doctors can use this algorithm to assess tumours’ hardness, texture, and elasticity, patients’ survival probability, and responsiveness to chemotherapy.
  • Radiation exposure can be reduced by enhancing images using AI algorithms, especially for children.
  • Additionally, AI can enhance accuracy, ensure timely cancer diagnoses, improve patient outcomes, and aid decision-making processes.
  • A biological marker (Biomarker) is an observable indicator of a cell or organism’s condition.
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