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Telangana National Parks, Tiger Reserves and Wildlife Sanctuaries

Amrabad Tiger Reserve, Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Earlier, it was part of Nagarjunasagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve, but post-bifurcation, the northern part of the reserve is vested with Telangana state and renamed as Amrabad Tiger Reserve.
  • It is India’s second-largest Tiger Reserve, next only to Nagarjunasagar Srisailam Tiger Reserve.
  • Major Fauna: Yellow-throated bulbul (VU), star tortoise (VU), mugger crocodile, tiger, leopard, nilgai, sambar.

Chenchu Tribe

  • Chenchus are a hunter-gatherer community, designated as Scheduled tribe in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Odisha.
  • They were in the news recently due to the Telangana government’s plan to start uranium mining in Amrabad Tiger Reserve. The uranium exploration and mining will leech dangerous chemicals into the Krishna River. It will also take away the livelihoods of the Chenchus.

Kasu Brahmananda Reddy National Park

  • It is a jungle amidst the concrete jungles of Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills in Hyderabad City.

Kawal Tiger Reserve, Wildlife Sanctuary

  • The Godavari River flows along its southern boundary.
  • Vegetation: Dry deciduous forests.
  • Major Fauna: Tiger, leopard, gaur, cheetal, sambar, nilgai, barking deer, chausingha, sloth bear.
  • Threats: Growing human encroachment, rampant poaching, illegal wood felling and habitat loss.

Mahaveer Harina Vanasthali National Park

  • It is a deer park on the outskirts of Hyderabad.
  • The park was named after Mahavir, a Jain saint.

Mrugavani National Park

  • It is located on the outskirts of Hyderabad.
  • Major Fauna: Spotted deer, wild boars, foxes.

Wildlife Sanctuaries of Telangana

Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary

  • It is a part of the Dandakaranya forests of Mulugu district. Godavari River passes through the sanctuary.
  • It is inhabited by the Koya tribes. The biennial Sammakka Saralamma Jatara (Medaram Jatara) is held in the Wildlife Sanctuary.

Kinnersani Wildlife Sanctuary

  • It surrounds Kinnerasani Reservoir on Kinnerasani River. It is contiguous with the Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary.

Lanja Madugu Siwaram Wildlife Sanctuary

  • It is situated on the right bank of the Godavari River. It is home to marsh crocodiles (mugger).

Manjeera Crocodile Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Manjeera Wildlife Sanctuary is located around Manjeera reservoir. Manjeera reservoir is a man-made reservoir that provides drinking water to Hyderabad. It is built on Manjeera River (a tributary of the Godavari River).
  • The sanctuary is a riverine habitat supporting mugger crocodile (VU) & fresh water turtles.

Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary

  • It is located on the bank of Pranahita River and is famous for blackbuck (LC). Pranahita River carries combined waters of the Penganga, Wardha & Wainganga Rivers. The river empties itself into the Godavari River at Kaleswaram (Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project by Telangana).


  • Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary: Pakhal lake is a manmade lake near Warangal.
  • Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary: Nizamabad and Medak. It is named after the Pocharam lake.
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