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PMF IAS Test Series for UPSC Prelims Banner Ad
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  • Context (IE): For the first time, researchers have created a free-standing sheet of gold, making gold the first metal to be formulated into (freestanding) 2D sheets.
  • Goldene is the first free-standing 2D metal and is only one atom thick.

How was it created?

Goldene - PMF IAS

Credits: Nature

  • The technique used to create Goldene can also be used for other metallic objects, work on making 2D sheets of iridium and platinum is in process.


  • It holds promise as a great catalyst because it is much more economically viable than thicker, three-dimensional gold.
  • Future applications include carbon dioxide conversion, hydrogen-generating catalysis, selective production of value-added chemicals, hydrogen production, water purification, light sensing devices, etc.
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