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Donkey Route and Nicaragua

  • Context (IE | TH): The recent episode of Indians on a Nicaraguan flight is suspected to be another instance of the donkey route.

About the ‘Donkey Route’

  • Dunki (Punjabi pronunciation of a donkey) means “hopping from one place to another”.
  • Several illegal immigrants take such routes to reach countries like the US, the UK or Europe.

India to Latin America

  • India’s most popular donkey route starts by reaching Latin American countries like Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Brazil, and Venezuela.
  • These countries provide visas on arrival for Indians or pre-arrival tourist visas.
  • Immigrants from Latin American countries are taken to Colombia.

Columbia to Mexico to U.S.

  • From Columbia, immigrants move through the dense forest of the Darian Gap in Panama.
  • Lack of water, wild animals, criminal gangs, robbery, and rape are risks immigrants take on this route.
  • An alternate, safer route is from San Andrés to Mexico through illegal boats.
  • Immigrants enter the US from Mexico through Guatemala as the main junction.
  • Migrants must cross the US-Mexico border fencing or take the dangerous Rio Grande River route.

Republic of Nicaragua

  • Capital: Managua; Lanuage: Spanish
  • It is a Central American nation with mountains and fertile valleys in the west.
  • Two big lakes, Nicaragua and Managua, are connected by the Tipitapa River.
  • The Pacific coast is volcanic and very fertile.
  • The swampy Caribbean coast is aptly called the “Mosquito Coast” due to the presence of mosquitos.

Nicaragua on the Doneky route

  • Nicaragua has very little consular presence worldwide, with no embassy in India.
  • The honorary consular of Nicaragua in India is not authorised to issue any visa.
  • There is no provision for getting an advance visa or visa-on-arrival for Nicaragua from India.
  • Even the Nicaraguan government has not spelt out the policy in the public domain.
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