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  • Context (DTE): Warming climate is negatively impacting the chances of long-term survival of aardvarks.
  • Aardvarks are medium-sized burrowing nocturnal mammals native to Africa.
  • They’re the only surviving member of the Tubulidentata order.
  • They belong to the same group of mammals as African elephants.
  • Despite their appearance, they are not related to bears, pigs or anteaters.
  • They are considered to be living fossils due to their ancient, highly conserved genetic make-up.
  • Appearance: Elongated Head with long protruding narrow snout and nostrils. Short neck connected to hairless body.
  • Habitat: Savannas, Shrublands, grasslands and woodlands.
  • IUCN Status: Least Concern
  • Threats: Hunting for bush meat, Habitat loss.

How will climate change affect elusive aardvarks? •

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