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All India Survey on Higher Education

  • Context (PIB | HT | TH | ET): The Ministry of Education released the All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) 2021-2022.
  • The Ministry of Education has been conducting AISHE since 2011, covering all higher educational institutions located in India.

Key Findings of the Survey


Particulars Data of 2021-22 Increase/decrease from 2014-15
Total enrolment in higher education 4.33 crore Increase of 26.5%
Female enrolment in Higher Education 2.07 crore Increase of 32%
Total Student Enrolment in North-East States 12.02 lakh 9.36 lakh in 2014-15
ST students’ enrolment 27.1 lakh Increase of 65.2%
OBC students’ enrolment 1.63 crore 1.13 crore in 2014-15
SC students’ enrolment 66.23 lakh Increase of 44%
Gender Parity Index (GPI), (ratio of female GER to male GER)

GPI has continued to be above 1 since 2017-18, i.e., female GER continues to be more than male GER for the fifth consecutive year.


Enrollment in Streams

  • Among Disciplines at the undergraduate level, enrolment is highest in Arts (34.2 per cent), followed by science (14.8), Commerce (13.3) and Engineering and Technology (11.8).
  • Among streams at postgraduate level, maximum students are enrolled in Social Science (21.1%) followed by Science (14.7).
  • Government Universities constituting 58.6% of total Universities, contribute 73.7% of total enrolment, and Private Universities account for 26.3% of total enrolment.


  • Total number of faculty/teachers in 2021-22 is 15.98 lakh, of which about 56.6% are male and 43.4% are female.
  • Female faculty/teachers have increased to 6.94 lakh in 2021-22 from 5.69 lakh in 2014-15 (an increase of 22 per cent since 2014-15).
  • There is marginal betterment of females per 100 male faculty from 75 in 2020-21 to 77 in 2021-22.

Number of Institutions

  • The total number of Universities/University level institutions registered is 1,168, Colleges- 45,473, and Standalone Institutions-12,002.
  • In all, 341 Universities/University level institutions have been established since 2014-15.
  • 17 Universities and 4,470 Colleges are exclusively for women.
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