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Draft National Menstrual Hygiene Policy, 2023

  • Context (TH): The Centre’s Draft Menstrual Hygiene Policy was recently hosted online for comments from the public and experts.

Objectives of the Policy

  • To ensure that menstruating women and girls have access to safe, hygienic and quality menstrual products and sanitation facilities.
  • To create an enabling environment for people, including women, girls, men and boys, to have access to correct information on menstruation.
  • To address myths, stigma and gender issues around menstruation.
  • To coordinate with different Central Government Ministries, States/ UTs and relevant stakeholders and sectors.
  • To create a ‘menstrual-friendly environment’ in all settings, including homes, schools/ educational institutions, workplaces and public spaces.
  • To foster innovative practices with social entrepreneurs and the private sector.
  • To strengthen environmentally sustainable menstrual waste disposal.

Key Principles of the Policy

  • Access and Affordability: Improving access to safe menstrual hygiene products and to reduce the financial burden of menstruation on individuals and families, particularly for those in low-income communities and marginalized groups.
  • Equity: Prioritize equity to enable all menstruating individuals, regardless of their socioeconomic status and geographical location, to have equal opportunities to access and manage their menstruation in a safe and hygienic way.
  • Address disparities and barriers that prevent certain groups from accessing required menstrual hygiene products, resources and information.
  • Inclusivity: All women and adolescent girls, persons with disabilities, ethnic groups, minorities, trans and nonbinary populations, vulnerable populations and specially identified groups will be specifically focused on.
  • The policy also targets men and boys at the family and community level through awareness programs to strengthen men’s roles and build a conducive environment.
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