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India Supports Philippines’ Sovereignty

  • Context (TH): India’s External Affairs Minister (EAM) is on a three-nation visit to Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia.
  • EAM firmly reiterated India’s support for the Philippines in upholding its national sovereignty.
  • This remark comes in the aftermath of aggressive maritime moves by the Chinese Coast Guard against a Filipino supply ship.
  • China has responded that Maritime disputes are issues between countries concerned. Third parties have no right to interfere whatsoever.
  • The Indian Coast Guard’s pollution-control ship, ICGS Samudra Paheredar, was also hailed for its cooperation on oceanic pollution, illegal fishing, and protecting the environment in the region.

India-Philippines bilateral relations

Philippines, South China Sea MAP - PMF IAS

  • Cultural connection: The Laguna Copper Plate inscription, the oldest artefact discovered in the Philippines, written in “Kavi” derived from Pallava script, the golden statue of Agusan Tara, and the local version of Ramayana (Maharadia Lawana) indicate cultural connection.
  • Diplomatic relations: Formally established on 26 November 1949. Continued Cooperation along the lines of Look East and subsequent Act East Policy of India.
  • Economic relations: Bilateral trade has increased from 1.89 billion USD in 2015-16 to 2.84 billion USD in 2021-22.
  • Maritime relations: Both are committed to a rules-based order (UNCLOS) in the Indo-Pacific.
  • Defence Cooperation: In 2022, Philippines became the first foreign country to procure BrahMos.

For more details, visit > South China Sea dispute.

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