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Credit system for Classes 9 to 12

  • Context (IE): CBSE plans to introduce a credit system for Classes 9 to 12 as recommended by the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 to integrate vocational and general education.

National Credit Framework (NCrF)

  • Developed by the University Grants Commission in 2022, NCrF aims for the integration of training and skill development into school and higher education.
  • Credits earned will be stored digitally in the Academic Bank of Credits, accessible through Digilocker.

Academic Year Structure

  • An academic year will consist of 1,200 notional learning hours, equating to 40 credits.
  • It includes both academic and non-academic learning hours.

Scheme of Studies Modifications

  • The scheme now includes teaching hours and credits for each subject.
  • Classes 9 and 10 will require the completion of 10 subjects, including three languages (two Indian) and seven core subjects.
  • Classes 11 and 12 will involve six subjects, including two languages (one Indian) and four other subjects with an optional fifth.
  • The addition of multidisciplinary and vocational courses aims to enhance the breadth of education and practical skills of students.

Examination System Changes

  • Credits earned will be independent of exam marks.
  • CBSE will conduct external exams for core subjects in Class 10 and for languages, social science, and Group 3 and 4 subjects in Class 12.
  • Art education, physical education, and vocational education will have mixed assessment modes.
  • The existing grading system will remain, with students graded from A1 to E based on their performance.

For Class 10, under the CBSE’s proposed changes

Subject Categories Examination Type
  • Three Languages
External (Board Exam)
  • Mathematics and Computational Thinking
External (Board Exam)
  • Social Science
External (Board Exam)
  • Science
External (Board Exam)
  • Environmental Education
External (Board Exam)
  • Art Education
Mixed (Internal & Board Exam)
  • Physical Education
Mixed (Internal & Board Exam)
  • Vocational Education
Mixed (Internal & Board Exam)
  • Students are required to pass all 10 subjects to move on to the next grade.

For Class 12 subjects under the CBSE’s proposed changes

Group Number Subjects Group Examination Type
Group 1 Languages External Exam
Group 2 Arts Education (Dance, Music, Sculpting), Physical Education, Vocational Education Mixed (Internal & Board Exam)
Group 3 Social Science (History, Geography, Political Science, Economics, etc.), Interdisciplinary Areas (Environmental Education, Commerce, etc.) External Exam
Group 4 Mathematics and Computational Thinking, Science External Exam
  • Students must select at least two languages from Group 1.
  • Students are required to choose four main subjects (with an optional fifth subject) from at least two of the remaining groups.
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