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Teesta water sharing with Bangladesh

  • Context (TH): The West Bengal Chief Minister wrote to the Prime Minister saying no discussion on the Teesta River treaty should be taken up with Bangladesh without the involvement of the State Government.

Teesta River

  • The Teesta River originates from the Pahunri (or Teesta Kangse) glacier in the Eastern Himalayas in the state of Sikkim, India.
  • It flows southward through the Indian states of Sikkim and West Bengal, eventually entering Bangladesh.
  • In Bangladesh, it merges with the Brahmaputra River (known locally as the Jamuna River).
  • Major tributaries: Rangpo River, the Rangit River, and the Great Rangit River.

Key Events and Agreements

  • 1983 Agreement:
    • An ad-hoc agreement on the sharing of Teesta waters was reached in 1983, with Bangladesh allocated 36% and India 39% of the water flow, leaving 25% to be decided later.
    • However, this agreement was never fully implemented.
  • 1996 Ganges Water Treaty:
    • Although this treaty primarily addressed the Ganges River, it set a precedent for bilateral cooperation on water-sharing between India and Bangladesh.
  • Attempts at a Comprehensive Agreement:
    • In 2011, an attempt was made to resolve the dispute when Indian PM visited Bangladesh.
    • Proposed agreement aimed at allocating 37.5% of Teesta’s waters to Bangladesh and 42.5% to India.
    • However, West Bengal govt opposed it arguing that it would harm its agricultural interests.

Challenges and Considerations

  • Political Dynamics: Indian government needs the cooperation of state governments like West Bengal, which have significant autonomy over water resources.
  • Environmental Factors: Climate change and environmental degradation affect the river’s flow, complicating efforts to reach a fair and sustainable agreement.
  • International Relations: The water dispute is a significant aspect of Indo-Bangladesh relations, influencing diplomatic ties and cooperation in other areas.
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