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Global Principles for Information Integrity

  • Context (DTE): UN announces a global framework to fight online misinformation and hate speech.
  • UN Secretary-General António Guterres says erosion of information integrity compromises the UN’s missions and priorities, including peacekeeping and humanitarian efforts.

Global Principles for Information Integrity (GPII)

  • It is a comprehensive framework aimed at addressing the escalating threats posed by misinformation, disinformation, and hate speech in the digital realm.
  • It emphasises the necessity of safeguarding human rights and the urgent need for a coordinated international response to make online spaces safer and more humane.
  • The seeds for the GPII were sown in the 2021 UN report Our Common Agenda, which envisioned future global cooperation and multilateral action.

Comprehensive recommendations under UN GPII

  • Combating disinformation and hate speech: Governments, tech companies, advertisers, and media should avoid supporting or spreading disinformation and hate speech.
  • Promoting media freedom: Governments should ensure access to information, maintain free and independent media, and protect journalists, researchers, and civil society.
  • Enhancing tech company responsibilities: Tech companies should design products with safety and privacy in mind, apply policies consistently, and focus on protecting vulnerable groups.
  • Ethical AI development: AI developers must ensure ethical & safe AI upholding human rights.
  • Reforming business models: Tech companies should adopt models that prioritise human rights, privacy, and safety and give users control over their data.
  • Transparency in advertising: Advertisers should demand transparency to ensure their budgets don’t fund disinformation or hate.
  • Data transparency and accountability: Tech companies and AI developers should be transparent, allow academic access to data, conduct independent audits, and develop accountability frameworks.
  • Protecting children: Governments should take special measures to protect and empower children and support parents, guardians, and educators.

Impact of harmful information on global stability

  • The unchecked proliferation of false narratives is not only fueling conflict but also undermining democracy, human rights, public health and climate action.
  • With the advent of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, these threats are becoming more severe, particularly affecting vulnerable groups such as children.
  • A recent UN staff survey revealed that 80% of respondents believe harmful information endangers them and the communities they serve.
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