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Positions (Work From Home ONLY)

  • We are looking forward to hiring highly experiencedquickly adaptable Current Affairs specialists for our CA programme.
    1. CA specialist with in-depth knowledge of Polity and Governance
    2. CA specialist with in-depth knowledge of Economy (capable of handling Economic Survey and Budget).
    3. CA specialist with in-depth knowledge of Environment, Geography and/or Science Technology.


  • Must have appeared in atleast 1 UPSC CSE Interview.


  • 60,000/- per month

Work Timings (Work From Home ONLY)

  • We start early: 9 AM to 5 PM.


  1. Excellent understanding of the UPSC scheme of things.
  2. Excellent overall knowledge in all subjects.
  3. The candidate must be self-motivated and disciplined with work.
  4. The candidate’s approach must align excellently with our approach to CA.
  5. Excellent understanding of MS Word formatting and the basics of MS Word.
  6. You must have a laptop/desktop with the latest or compatible version of MS Word.
  7. Quick learning and adaptability.
  8. Excellent synergy with minimal training.

Our Way of Making CA (Your Guide)

  • We have a specific approach for making Current Affairs. The prospective candidates must completely understand our standards and requirements.
  • For Sample Files, visit: July 2023 Current Affairs Downloads (FREE for ALL)
  • Every Month’s First Five Days of Current Affairs are FREE. You can download them by visiting the below links:

      How to Get Hired?

      • We judge a person’s capabilities only based on his/her work.
      • We need to see your CA work of at least 5 pages to consider your application.
        1. Pick 3-5 good CA topics/links from the recent month’s Current Affairs and Contemporary Issues and make the CA how we expect. (Pick articles that prove your caliber)
        2. Send your work in MS Word to [email protected]
        3. We will confirm your position as an intern (unpaid) in a couple of days of receiving your work.
        4. If you are a suitable candidate, your position as a full-time CA content developer will be confirmed after the internship.

      Must Watch: Video Instructions

      Terms & Conditions

      1. NO moonlighting or exam preparation after the employment is confirmed.
      2. Offer Letter will be given only after your position is confirmed after the internship period (usually lasts for a week).
      3. You will receive NO compensation during the internship/training period (usually lasts for a week).
      4. Your position as a full-time CA content developer will be confirmed only after you satisfactorily meet our requirements by the end of the internship period.

      Send your sample work in MS Word to [email protected].


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