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Geography GS Notes + Current Affairs for UPSC IAS Civil Services Exam | PDF
Arshad Muhammed (New Delhi, National Capital Territory of Delhi, India)
A Boon to Aspirants.

Comprehensive, yet brief, and a single source to cover Geography for GS. Thank you!

Thank you, Arshad. Wish you all success!


very good material

Thank you, Injamul. Good luck with your prep 🙂

Geography GS Notes + Current Affairs for UPSC IAS Civil Services Exam | PDF

Worth it

Simple language and very well organised notes
Also the extra topics and additional information with ncert really help me

Thank you for your feedback, Rutwik. Good luck with your efforts 🙂

Real you guys are Poor Man's Friend

I searched Geography notes and CA here and there but of no use. I found an Ocean of information called "PMF IAS"-here you get everything about geography required for UPSC CSE GS preparation. One major thing about Geography Notes is it can be used as revision Notes for Geography Optional preparation and CA monthly compilation includes Major Newspapers and Down to earth. I am pleased with this content. Thank you PMF IAS 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Thank you for your feedback, Dhanraj. Good luck with your efforts 🙂

I liked it

Please make current affairs for all the subjects.


I feel glad to have trusted pmf for my exam preparation. Not just because it helps scoring marks, but also because it has helped me develop a long lasting interest in environmental issues. Cheap, extremely high quality, and most importantly tailor made for UPSC.


Very nicely written in a laymen language


Sir i cant read whole thing in online .what i want to suggest that you take make pre order for upcoming months (current& static) and provide us hardcopy.Everything online cant be possible sir .Also please includes NCERT SIR .HUMBLE REQUEST TOYOU


This is the first and last stop for Geography, without any doubt! Students need to just filter out not-so-important content


awesome geography notes for pre+mains. pointwise ,easily understandable, well explained with clear colorful diagrams. best notes. with ncerts these notes are great source of geography.


Better book than some of the renowned coaching books and author. Covering a wide range of topics in a very concise manner and the way topics are indexed are themselves interlinked to each other, also the book is currently updated with current affairs.


I regret not coming across it earlier.


The book is excellent in terms of content,presentation and easy to comprehend.The diagrams given supplement the content and makes learning easier.


Excellent notes with easy and simple language .......


1. Notes are very easy to understand and beautifully compiled with the help of pictures.
2. My subscription was supposed to end in april but since exam got postponed they themselves extended it till oct- it was very kind n generous gesture.. Thanks a lot.
3. The cost of these wonderful notes is soooo affordable that any student wouldn't hesitate before buying.
4. It is so thoughtful that they provide document version, pdf version and compilation version. They even mention the approx date n month that when the next file would be uploaded.
5. Current affairs notes of a particular subject are covered really well.
6. International Conventions chapter is given in a very organized manner.


I have read Shankar IAS multiple times but it lacked the cohesion & is bombarded with facts. But you guys have really made this subject interesting whilst covering comprehensively. Thanks a Lot for providing these notes at such low cost.


Simply the best material available in the market for Environment. Nothing else extra needed, almost every thing is covered in most interactive way with images and color coded details and the best part is about the coverage of protected area network.
Thanks a lot, just received the hardcopy,it is really an awesome book.
Please bring hardcopy of Geography too

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