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PMFIAS material for Environment and Geography will be the trend. As how Laxmikant became the Bible for polity, PMF material would become the same for Environment and Geography


No one can doubt the material provided by PMFIAS. It's one of the best or in my aspect i would say the best but as we do in UPSC i will critically examine all the material.
For Science material i would say:
1) NCERT Compilation : It's really good for improving basics and may be helpful in prelims for 2-3 Questions
2) Science Current Affairs --> it's good and one can expect some questions in prelims directly or indirectly from it.

But what can PMFIAS can do to make it 5 star and best product in the market:
1) Upgrade your static compilation by including topics like Particle physics, ICT and Biotechnology --> these should be top in priority. After that it should focus on space, defence, nanotech, robotics.
2) It can take reference of Books by HS SIDHU and Ravi P agrahari. Even 10 out of 11 Questions in UPSC prelims can be solved out of it.

Rationale behind these recommendations:
1) upsc is increasingly focusing on these topics especially particle physics in mains, ICT in prelims, and mixed focus on Biotechnology.
2) Recommendations are based on practical analysis of PYQs, So, it is not just based on feelings.

Last thing i want to recommend is Please complete your topics on time. On this front you lack a lot to achieve your potential to be the best product in the market. and for best you can make and provide video lectures. That would revolutionize your market standing especially if you provide in video lectures in English and Hindi language.


Sir i cant read whole thing in online .what i want to suggest that you take make pre order for upcoming months (current& static) and provide us hardcopy.Everything online cant be possible sir .Also please includes NCERT SIR .HUMBLE REQUEST TOYOU


All the topics have been covered really well but there are some topic which have been either left or I didn't find like hydropower projects, transport system : railways roadways waterways and more like that topic. These topics are as important as others so it'll be more helpful if your team will provide a short precise notes on it in respect of India and World also.


1. Notes are very easy to understand and beautifully compiled with the help of pictures.
2. My subscription was supposed to end in april but since exam got postponed they themselves extended it till oct- it was very kind n generous gesture.. Thanks a lot.
3. The cost of these wonderful notes is soooo affordable that any student wouldn't hesitate before buying.
4. It is so thoughtful that they provide document version, pdf version and compilation version. They even mention the approx date n month that when the next file would be uploaded.
5. Current affairs notes of a particular subject are covered really well.
6. International Conventions chapter is given in a very organized manner.

Major Crops Notes + Current Affairs for UPSC IAS Civil Services Exam | PDF
Nitesh Kumar (Palampur, Himachal Pradesh, India)

Comprehensive coverage! It's amazing. Thankyou for such a valueable material. Hardly we can get such an amazing material at such a low cost. Keep it up. Thankyou.

Thank you for your feedback, Nitesh.
Good luck with your efforts 🙂

Real you guys are Poor Man's Friend

I searched Geography notes and CA here and there but of no use. I found an Ocean of information called "PMF IAS"-here you get everything about geography required for UPSC CSE GS preparation. One major thing about Geography Notes is it can be used as revision Notes for Geography Optional preparation and CA monthly compilation includes Major Newspapers and Down to earth. I am pleased with this content. Thank you PMF IAS 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Thank you for your feedback, Dhanraj. Good luck with your efforts 🙂


This is the first and last stop for Geography, without any doubt! Students need to just filter out not-so-important content

Geography GS Notes + Current Affairs for UPSC IAS Civil Services Exam | PDF
inder (Delhi, National Capital Territory of Delhi, India)



Best geography material, complete syllabus is covered in layman language, i recently bought environment book, very good work on th diagrams and illustration. I hope in future u will launch the same for geagraphy


This is the best source to cover Geography syllabus. All the topics have been explained in a profound manner and the diagrams, charts help a lot to understand quickly.`

Great content with great layout.

This book is one stop solution for Everything-Environment. Great layout, and pictures makes learning easy and effortless.

One Stop Solution for environment

Environment was one of the most boring subject for me but after purchasing pmf ias book on environment, environment has became one of my favourite subject.

Environment 2nd Edition PDF + Current Affairs for UPSC IAS Civil Services Exam | PDF
Rajat Yadav we (New Delhi, National Capital Territory of Delhi, India)

Almost everything is covered in an engaging manner. Good book.


I feel glad to have trusted pmf for my exam preparation. Not just because it helps scoring marks, but also because it has helped me develop a long lasting interest in environmental issues. Cheap, extremely high quality, and most importantly tailor made for UPSC.


Notes are comprehensive in terms of content, explanations ,details and nuances.With diagrams concepts have been explained well ,for instance ,formation of volcanic arcs and continental arcs along plate margins.

Overall they have helped me in improving my understanding of the concepts .

Great and helpful work .

Thank you.


It really helped me a lot.
Notes for geography, environment are of the best quality available in the market.
It is very inclusive. It is tuned to what UPSC seeks in its answers.
Good notes are very helpful it boosts one's confidence and saves a lot of time.
Thank you so much


Firstly, let me thank the team for putting up such efforts in creating these materials. Appreciate!!
However there are few amendments, if made it could take your platform to the next level.
For ex,
1. The maps used do not demarcate Telanagana, J&K and Ladakh as separate State and UTs.
2. The mineral resources data need a little bit of update taking current years into account(2019-20) such as Oil Imports, Iron Ore production, Coal Production, etc.


It is up to mark as per the UPSC syllabus. But Economic geography part 3 has not been uploaded to date. Please upload it. I am waiting for it to study as my tests for that portion is nearby.

Book is very productive

Sir this is very productive in upsc cse sir I request please publishe this book in Hindi . that's your very big help for Hindi midium aspirents

Very satisfied

Very satisfied with the material, worth the purchase.

Only problem with current affairs is that students need all current affairs pdf from single source, like science polity economy etc. Now we have to take seperate seperate purchase for geo, environment, science current affairs. Please try to bring all current affairs at one place with single purchase. Can go seperate for static material.

Science & Tech Notes + Current Affairs for UPSC IAS Civil Services Exam | PDF
sanjeev kumar (Delhi, National Capital Territory of Delhi, India)

valuable notes(pmfias all notes are unique)thank you pmfias Team

Year(s) = Validity of the Downloads

1 Year Validity == Validity of the Download links (both Static & Current Affairs) is 1 Year from the date of purchase.

2 Years Validity == Validity of the Download links (both Static & Current Affairs) is 2 Years from the date of purchase.

We strongly recommend a 2 Year Plan as the UPSC Cycle lasts for close to 2 Years.

For example,

If you purchase the notes with “Download Validity == 1 Year,” on 31/05/2023, then you will be able to download the Static Files + Current Affairs files till 31/05/2024.

If you purchase the notes with “Download Validity == 2 Years,” on 31/05/2023, then you will be able to download the Static Files + Current Affairs files till 01/06/2025.

If we bring out the Updated (New) Editions of the Static Files within your membership period, you will be able to download them without paying anything extra.

Irrespective of the package you choose, Current Affairs of Geography, Environment, Sci & Tech and Indian Agriculture are available from Jan 2022.

Current Affairs of 2021 & earlier are available for free on PMF IAS Google Drive Folder.

Once the payment is made, you need to log in to the Downloads Page to download the files (check your email for the login details).


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